July 10, 2012

Baseball and running: two of my favorites

Being the terrible blogger that I am, a lot has happened, and I haven’t posted. But, never fear (or do fear), I’ll update you now.

My dad came to visit, and we went to six Major League Baseball games in six days. It rocked. It especially rocked when I caught a home run ball. OK, I didn’t technically catch it. It landed in our row, and I bent down and picked it up. Still awesome nonetheless.
It made it rock even more that my favorite Rays’ player, Desmond Jennings, hit it.
It got even more rockin’ when the usher for our section brought over a card, said to fill it out and to take it to Gate 4 at the end of the game. Why? Desmond Jennings would sign his home run ball! Rock on.
The other games rocked as well, but this one in particular rocked the most.

During this baseball streak, I managed to get a gigantic blister on my heel from shoes that I’ve had for years. That was really unexpected and random and annoying and painful. It also prevented me from running for a week.

After the baseball streak, I flew back to Kansas with my dad so that I could attend more baseball-related events. The All-Star Game is in Kansas City, and they had a 5K and Fan Fest that were necessities (in my opinion, at least).
I need things like this, obviously.
Thankfully, my blister healed enough that I was able to run once before the 5K. My dad took me to his gym, and I ran on a treadmill in comfort (adequate air conditioning and fans). See craptastic gym, this is a possibility.

The All-Star 5K was awesome and horrible at the same time. I’ll post a full recap when I get the photos from my official race photographer, Dad.

Unfortunately, all of the baseball awesomeness is over and I’m back to the regular routine of working. But, routines can be good: like the routine of going to a baseball game every day. Sigh ...


  1. Sounds like lots of fun. I think it is great you get to share the fun with your dad!

  2. Love Baseball, love catching baseballs, love visiting with family. So jealous! Sounds like you had a blast!

  3. Home run ball?!!! That is amazing!!! What a great trip! Also? That shirt looks great on you. The color brings out your eyes. :)

  4. I am super jealous of your home run ball. If I could watch baseball and run all the time I would be one very happy person!


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