July 6, 2012

Things that Rock Thursday

Since I'm posting this in a different time zone, I'm still calling this Thursday.

Even though this Thursday is way more awesome than the usual Thursday, I'm still posting some things that rock to make it even better (because some things are still not cool about this day – like a huge blister from shoes that I've worn for years without problem that has kept me from running for a week and a mysterious sore throat).

Sweet past week

This past week involved six glorious days of baseball. When it's one of your favorite things, that makes for a pretty sweet week.

Sweet race shirt

Although I'm a bit worried about the race itself (the reasons: not liking 5Ks, the mysterious blister and mysterious sore throat), I love the shirt.

Sweet dog

My brother's dog is so awesome. He's a bit slobbery and stinky, but Dude is the sweetest dog. And, he loves to run into the basement and flop down on the cool floor (especially when it's 102 degrees).


  1. that is a pretty rockin' shirt! i looooooooove baseball too :)

  2. That dog is awesome! Hope you have fun at the 5K.


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