July 16, 2012

From nervous to elated

Yay! It's less than one month until my training group starts for the St. Petersburg Women's Half Marathon, and I'm super-pumped.

Funny. Last year I was in a much different position. I was a bucket of nerves. Why? 
  • I was nervous that I would be the worst runner in the group.
  • I was nervous that I couldn't keep in the first weeks. I didn't even want to think about week 10.
  • I was nervous that I didn't know enough about running.
  • I was nervous that I'd get left in the dust.
  • I was nervous that everyone would hate me because I'm slow.
  • I was nervous that my previously severely sprained ankle would give out on me.
  • I was nervous my coach would yell at me and run me into the ground. 
Guess what? All of that nervousness was for nothing. Being a part of that training group was one of the best things I could have done. Why?
  • Everyone was extremely encouraging and supportive.
  • I was a slower runner, but I was never left behind.
  • The first few weeks were tough, but I made it through them.
  • My ankle held up great – especially after my coach recommended a shoe for over-pronation: my love, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11.
  • It didn't matter that I didn't know much about running; I learned. 
  • My coach never yelled at me; he was encouraging and supportive. We talked about my "speed" sometimes, but it was always in a friendly, joking way.
  • I accomplished things I never thought possible, and I think the majority of it had to do with the support and training of this fantastic group. 
My smile is thanks to my training group.
If you're thinking about joining a running group, do it. If you're nervous, it's OK. Just give it a shot. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Are you in a running group? Do you love it? Are you thinking about joining one? 


  1. Best of luck on your training! I would love to join a running group but I wonder if I would either slow people down or be slowed down. I feel like I'm a loner when it comes to exercise because I can go at my own pace?

    1. Thanks! I actually didn't run with people too much of the time because I'm slow. But, it's nice to know there are others out there doing the same thing. It felt like we were doing it together. Plus, our coaches were great about making sure no one was left behind. That helps.

  2. Good luck with training!! :)
    I'm not in a running group and to be honest I'm not even sure there is one in my area. It might be fun to try though. :)

    1. Thanks! I admire your self-motivation. That's where I struggle sometimes, so it's nice to have a group to kick me in the pants.


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