January 4, 2012

My recipe for speed: cold weather

I went back to my running group last night for the first time in two weeks. I ran on my own for a week and HATED IT. I missed my group in a serious way. Then, I didn't run the next week. Oops. A few others took a break, too, because our coach emailed this: "Everybody running still? Getting ready for a big race? Need any tips???" Oops.

I was really afraid that taking a complete week off from running would render me unable to run a mile. Seriously, I thought I would struggle and huff and puff. Thankfully, I was wrong.
It wasn’t my best run, but it wasn’t torture either. And, I ran 4.5 miles. No issues. Well, it was freezing! Yes, I know I usually say it is freezing when it is a blustery 62 degrees (which, for Florida, really is chilly – trust me). But, I’m serious this time. It was actually close to freezing temperatures during our run. And windy. And this made my shins go numb (I foolishly wore capri pants). But, the cold weather made the run easier because: (1) I run so much better in cooler weather; (2) as mentioned, my shins were numb (no feeling, no pain); and (3) I wanted to go inside; hence, this made me run faster.
After the run, my feet were in need of hunting socks (I don't hunt, but I'm a wimp when it comes to cold) and a heater.
The 4.5 miles included a 10-minute warm-up, intervals of 4x5 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy, followed by an 8-minute cool down. My first set of intervals was fast (for me) – I saw a 9 at the front of my pace (single digits – yes!). They slowed somewhat after the second set. But, I’m happy to be back with my group, and I’m happy to be running again.


  1. cold weather running is the BEST!! :) Glad you got back out there, and sorry I haven't said it yet but THANK YOU for the ornament - I was actually eyeing that one for a while and never got around to buying it. I know I still need to post about that too but I keep forgetting to take pictures :-/

  2. @Happy Healthy Runner You're welcome! I love mine, too. Perfect for an Elvis-loving girl like me. Thanks bunches!


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