January 16, 2012

Long run love ... we're back together

After some recent long-run struggles and avoidance, I'm finally back in the groove. And, back in love.

My weekday runs (50-minute run on Tuesday (intervals) and a 60-minute run (40 minutes tempo) on Thursday) were kind of rough this week. When I write "kind of rough," I mean they sucked. When I write "they sucked," I mean I struggled the entire way and wanted to walk more during those runs than almost any runs prior. Yeah, they were bad. Not really sure what's going on there. So, since they were so miserable, I was a little nervous about my long run this week: an 8-mile trek. 

But, it was glorious. This run was extremely enjoyable, which is what I've been missing on long runs. We're reunited, and it feels so good.



  1. Yea....I'm so happy for you! Yea for long runs!
    xoxo from Trinidad


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