July 15, 2013

Running, I thought I didn't love you

I kind of disappeared for a bit.

And, it was partly due to falling out of love with running.

No worries: the love has returned … well, not exactly.

But, I did determine the cause of the no-love feeling: surface of the sun temperatures and 99.9% humidity. Running is really not too much fun at all in those conditions. I get even slower (how is this even possible?), and I feel like any progress I’d made during the past season is completely gone.

The evil sun disguising itself as a pretty sunset.

I debated taking a break from running group for the summer. But, then I heard some wise advice from a wise coach: what you’re doing now – even if it’s slower or even if you’re walking – will make you stronger for half marathon training (it begins in August).

So, I’m sticking it out. I’m slow, I’m walking more, but I’m running. And, I’m not letting myself get disappointed with my slower times (most of the time …).

The good news is I’m getting excited for half marathon season (and the costume it entails). Previously, I wondered if I’d ever care about a race again, so this is progress. 

I even started thinking a little bit (not really that much but more than ever before, which wasn’t much) about a marathon. That thought went out the window after Sunday’s craptastic 4-mile run. It was the type of craptastic run that you begin to question why you even run in the first place. If I can’t even run 4 miles comfortably, why bother? Why do I even call myself a runner? Why am I so slow? Why did I ever even minutely think about running a marathon? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So maybe my hot weather attitude could still use a little more work. But, I’m still running, and that’s what matters.

How do you handle running in the heat? Am I being a big baby?


  1. I've been running either late in the evening right before the sun sets or early in the morning right when the sun rises to avoid the heat.

    I HATE heat and humidity too so I can understand your aversion to running in it.

  2. I hate the heat and humidity too. It's so depressing to see your times grow and mileage shrink as it gets hotter and hotter. I'm forcing myself to go at least once a week so I don't lose too much but I can't wait until it cools down!

    1. Summer was always my favorite season ... until I started running.

  3. Jina - I could copy and paste this entire post onto my own blog. I am feeling the same exact way....

  4. Yep, I've been running in the morning before work and even then it's almost too humid still. I can't wait till the fall and cooler runs. I LOVE to run in the cold. I am contemplating a full marathon also, but the heat sure makes it seem impossible. Keep it up girl!!

  5. No you aren't. It feels like running on the surface of the sun these days with the heat and humidity! It's awful. I try to get my runs done as early as I can get myself to though it is not always easy to get out of bed. I retreat to the treadmill sometimes too.
    I think it's actually good to take a break. You'll be all fired up and ready to crush those fall race goals. :D

  6. Hey! You feelings are totally normal! I have been much slower since the warm weather and humidity came around. Some days I hate running, but keep your eye on the prize - once teh fall/winter comes around your struggles through the summer will pay off tons!! As boring as it is, try to give yourself a break and run on the treadmill once a week :)

    1. Thanks, Beka! I'll keep pushing through and eagerly await fall.


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