July 17, 2013

A month in bullet form

Since I disappeared from the blogging world for a month, I'll catch you up on my life in bullet form (it's better that way, trust me):
  • I spent a weekend in Savannah. I went on a ghost tour (appropriate since it’s the most haunted city in the US), and for the first time on a ghost tour, I actually got a little scared. I still don't believe in ghosts (I’m waiting for them to prove it to me), but I still like hunting them. I blame those cheesy boys from "Ghost Adventures."
  • I spent a long weekend in Biloxi. The area is so pretty, and everyone is so nice. And, I did something amazing: I ran my longest distance ever on a treadmill. The hotel gym had adequate air conditioning, a fan on the treadmill, a TV on the treadmill, and a great view of the pool and gulf (a nice change from my craptastic condo gym).
  • My dad visited over the Fourth of July, and we went to five baseball games in five days. We also saw the Rays win five games, including a sweep of the Chicago White Sox. If that wasn’t sweet enough, I also got a batting practice ball and photos with Raymond and DJ Kitty.

  • I participated in a two-week boot camp that I adored. I’d still be doing it if it was still happening.
  • I did another spin class, and I really, really liked it this time. I think my bike was adjusted just right this time. That, in combination with a fabulous teacher (my sweet and talented friend, Danielle, from running group), made it pretty awesome.
  • I tried a hot yoga class for the first time, and I sweat a ridiculous amount. And I wanted to laugh almost the entire time. How in the heck are you supposed to grab your arm if you can’t get a grip due to profuse sweating? I mean, this is a really humorous situation. Apparently, laughing is frowned upon in these establishments, though. But, I went back a second time. And, I’m going to a class tonight. Mainly because I have a Living Social deal for a month of unlimited classes. Well, and I kind of like it. And, I get to see this girl, which makes it awesome.
  • After the group fitness adventures, I decided that it’s definitely for me. I love the camaraderie, motivation and encouragement from working out in a group setting. It just makes it more fun.
  • I fell in love with this song. Please do not judge my musical taste on this (although you’ve probably lost any hope in me having decent musical taste since I like Justin Bieber). The good news is I know it’s terrible. The bad news is I sing along and car dance the crap out of it. (Note: It could be offensive to some.)
  • I’ve officially entered into the “eat-all-watermelon” season. Peaches are my favorite fruit, but I crave watermelon, and I want to eat it every day while it's in season. 
Have you been to Savannah? Biloxi? What is your farthest distance on a treadmill? Do you adore mascots as much as me? Tried a boot camp, spin or yoga class? Do you have the urge to giggle at yoga?


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  2. Awww, thanks for the mention! Hot yoga is fabulous. I just try my best to not fall down or slip from all the sweat. Hot yoga is NO joke. Can't wait to we go to another class together, it was fun. And I never once noticed you trying to not laugh. :)

    1. Good! My inner laugh is working. It was fabulous seeing you, and I look forward to sweating profusely with you again.


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