June 12, 2013

Running roundup

Usually my bullet point posts are just a bunch of randomness thrown together that really don't relate at all. I'm quite proud of this post because all of the bullets relate to running. This is a first for me.
  • If you're a runner and looking for a movie to see tonight, check out "Spirit of the Marathon II." It will be showing in more than 600 US theaters on Wednesday, June 12, at 7 p.m. (Check to see if it's showing in your city here.) Unfortunately, I have a prior commitment and can't attend, but I think it would be incredible for motivation (which I seem to be lacking lately with the hot, humid weather and no races on the calendar until October).

  • Do you donate your running shoes after you're done putting miles on them? If not, you should! And, one way to do that is via Kindrunner.com. For each pair of shoes purchased at Kindrunner.com, one pair of worn shoes can be returned for a $10 Kindness Cash Rewards credit. It can redeemed immediately or collected and used together at a later time. The company's global shoe donation partnerships with Soles4Souls and The MORE Foundation Group ensures that your shoes go directly to someone who needs them.
  • Pro Compression neon socks are the socks of the month and are available for 40% off with the code NEON. Offer is good through June 30 or while supplies last.
I'm thinking about these fun socks!

  • Because of thunderstorms (and my fear of them), I've been in the craptastic gym a few times lately. You may remember this place as being extremely hot with minimal air movement. Unfortunately, it has not changed.
  • But, it has gotten even crappier. One of the only things that I used to like about the craptastic gym was the TV. I didn't feel bad about watching craptastic TV (hello, all celeb-reality shows) as long as I was working out. Well, now the TV doesn't work. I didn't realize this the first few times I went, and I'd struggle with it for 10 minutes before deciding it wasn't going to work. To entertain myself, I listened to music on my phone (without ear buds so it didn't sound that great, but it was better than nothing). This is a song I am LOVING in general, but it's also fun to run to (if you're stuck in a craptastically hot gym with no air movement and no entertainment).

Are you going to see "Spirit of the Marathon II"? Have you seen "Spirit of the Marathon"? Do you donate your old running shoes? Do you have compression socks? Do you like to watch TV in the gym?


  1. This was the first I'd heard that the movie was playing tonight--darn, I have a run planned with a friend! I hope it comes out on video soon.

    Great info about the shoe donation--thanks! We have several shoes laying around here between my husband and me. I mean not literally laying between us. Hope that was clear. LOL

  2. Great link for the shoes - hadn't heard of them. We've been getting all the thunder but not so much lightning & rain in the south end of town. While I don't watch TV in the gym, I have started watching it on iphone while doing mind numbing tasks like folding laundry - maybe that would work 4 you?

  3. I saw Spirit of the Marathon last night! It was so good! I had seen the first one too which chronicles the Chicago Marathon. I had run that marathon only a couple weeks before so I was all emotional. Such good stories! Everyone should see it... both of them!

  4. Would love to see it, but will probably have to wait until it comes out on Netflix or something...the first one was Awesome-sauce..love compression socks/sleeves...have never thought to donate my old running shoes, probably because they are way worn out and need to be trashed!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run


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