June 3, 2013

Season 2: recap

No half marathons on the schedule until October. It makes me kind of sad until I attempt to run in temperatures that rival the surface of the sun.

Since I’m not able to run nearly as far now (thanks, Florida heat), I’m just going to reminisce about this season of half marathons.

This was my second training cycle for half marathons. I was completely new to running the first season (2011-2012) and was happy just to finish. My first season only consisted of two races:

I was completely disappointed in my first attempt, and I’m pretty surprised I kept running after it. It was pretty miserable (mainly because of the heat that isn’t supposed to be around in November), but I felt like I redeemed myself at the Rock ‘n’ Roll race. That was the race I knew I had in me. That’s the way it was supposed to happen. 

So, looking to this season, I knew I couldn’t have a 15-minute personal record (PR) each time, but I wondered if I could hit 2:25. I never publicly proclaimed this goal, but I thought I could do it.

(At this point, I really wondered if 2:33 was a fluke. I wondered if I’d ever see the 2:30s again.) (I started feeling more confident after this difficult course, and I felt like a PR was in my future.) (I decided to do this race while on a high from the previous race. As in, sitting down right after the race and registering on my phone. Hello, PR!) So, 2:25 didn’t happen. Even 2:2X didn’t happen. While I’m a little disappointed, I still see lots of things to be happy about:
  • I ran eight half marathons!
  • I’m confident in my running abilities. I don’t worry about finishing anymore. I know I can.
  • I even got pretty confident about being able to finish in the 2:30s by the end of the season (aside from the hot, nasty Iron Girl incident).
  • I came up with some pretty rockin’ costumes for races.

  • I fell even more in love with the half marathon distance. It’s my favorite, always and forever.
  • Oh, and even though these aren’t half marathons, I did run and PR these distances during this training cycle: 5K (by 3:11) and 10K (by 1:21)).
So, now what?

Well, I have a break until August when half marathon training begins again. But, it’s not a break from running – just a break from running the longer distances. I’m sticking with my training group (last year I took a break from it, and while I continued running on my own, I just don’t push myself enough; I felt like I had to start over again when I picked back up in August). And, I’m adding in some new things to shake things up: boot camp (eek!) and yoga (eek!). 

Do you set race goals? Do you publicly proclaim your goals? How did you do this season? What do you do in the off season to prepare for races? Have you done a boot camp? Yoga?


  1. What a great post. It's fun to look back on races. I, too, love love love half marathons. I can't wait till the Womens Half in November. When are you thinking you'll go to yoga? :)

    1. I'm thinking July ... I'm doing the boot camp in June, so that doesn't really leave any extra time for yoga (with running in there, too). Maybe the second week of July?

  2. Congrats on all those races! The half is my favorite distance too, I love it! I do set race goals and I announce it all over the place too! My current goal is to run a sub 30 5k. I guess I feel like if everyone knows that is my goal, it keeps me more accountable! I love boot camp and spin class!

    1. I have a sub-30 5K goal, too! Maybe I should announce goals, so I'm more accountable. I just don't want it to add more pressure.

  3. Way to go! Your times improved so much just over last season! I'm sure this fall you'll have just as much success hitting PR's. Sometimes making a goal known puts a lot more pressure on yourself - since you don't want to let readers/friends/etc down. but sometimes it's just the accountability you need otherwise you'll never push yourself to the uncomfortable place where PR's happen!

  4. You are a half marathon rock star!!!!! I love all your costumes. Next time I run a Halloween half I am totally getting your advice on how to dress myself. I think the more you train and the better you get at racing (I feel I learn something new about how to run at every race sometimes it is just that I am totally clueless) you are gonna kill the 2:20s!


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