May 31, 2013

Brat Trot 5K, Topeka, Kansas, May 25, 2013: race recap

I signed up for this race on a whim (and with the hopes of a sweet T-shirt). 

I was headed to visit family in Kansas over Memorial Day weekend, and I thought I'd throw a race in there, too. 

After arriving in Kansas City on Friday evening (and eating the most delicious barbecue in the world), I didn't make it to my dad's house and in bed until around midnight. The race was Saturday morning, but it wasn't until 9:30 a.m. I thought this was a great thing for a morning hater like me. I still got a decent night's sleep. (But, I broke many of my destination race rules.)

We arrived at the race around 9 a.m. and set up camp.

My smart spectators with chairs, drinks and snacks

It was a small, neighborhood race with 158 people running the 5K. They also had a fun run. It started and ended at a church. 
Funny. I stand out in purple, while those in
neon yellow blend in.
Side note: I need to wear something different to a race. I look the
same at every race (unless in costume).

The course wound through the neighborhood surrounding the church, and I was completely lost. I never had any idea what direction I was running or where I was in relation to the start/finish line. All of the houses (and barking dogs in front yards) looked the same. 

This was a hard 5K for me ... almost the entire way. Right from the start, I felt that it was pretty difficult. Mainly because of the thing I thought was a wonderful thing at first ... the late start time. Although the temperature wasn't too terribly hot, the sun was blazing and made it feel toasty. My vampire self doesn't do the sun. 

This was the first 5K I've ever walked in. Even my very first race, I ran the entire way. Even with things got difficult in other races, I kept running. In this race, I walked through the water stop (at mile 1.5) for an extended period and then did one additional walk break after that. 

I started to get irritated and feel a little down on myself. How could I run 13.1 miles a little more than one month ago and now I can't even run 3.1 miles?

But, I pulled it together toward the end and even had a nice sprint to the finish. 

My official time: 32:54, which is my second-fastest 5K. Maybe it was difficult because I was pushing myself? Let's say that.

The post-race food? Brats, of course.

I also took advantage of a post-race massage (I never do this at big races because of the long waits, but I was able to walk right up here). 

This was a really fun, small, local race. Everyone was so friendly, and I'm looking forward to doing this race again next year. 

Oh, and the sweet shirt I was hoping for? I got it.

Do you like small, local races? Have you ever walked in a 5K? Are you a morning person? Have you ever ran a race with a 9:30 a.m. start?


  1. I've only done one 5k race and I don't even remember whether or not I walked! You did great though, regardless :D I love races that start a little later cause I can never get enough sleep :P

  2. Awesome shirt! My hubby would love that, he loves brats, lol. Glad you had fun!

  3. my 5k PR is a race i walked during. i still haven't been able to beat it. nothing irritates me more than that, lol.


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