January 7, 2013

Time to panic

I’m not sure why I keep doing this to myself.

The last two years I’ve taken time off from running over the holidays. Some of it is due to a crazy December work schedule. Some of it is due to family visiting. Some of it is due to travel.

Last year, I panicked. I assumed I’d lost all running ability. I adjusted my training schedule and realized I did not lose all running ability. Even with the time off, I got my beautiful half marathon PR of 2:33 at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in February.

This year, I’m panicking again. I tried to remember that I took the time off last year and was fine. The only problem: this year I have a half marathon in two weeks. Yikes. And, it’s not any half marathon. It’s the Clearwater Halfathon, possibly “the most challenging half marathon in Florida” (according to the race website). Double yikes.

Why is it challenging? It has two ascents over two “relatively” tall bridges connecting Clearwater to the barrier islands.

And, by “relatively” tall, they really mean gigantic, scary and huge. Triple yikes.

So, even though I’m trying not to panic, I am.

Even though I ran 7 pretty awesome miles on Sunday, I’m still panicking. 

Awesome miles, but not awesome hair

Even though I’ll have four more weekly runs and one more long run before the race, I’m still panicking.


How do you deal with being unprepared for a race? Do you panic? Should I stop panicking? Ever run over “relatively” tall bridges? How does one do this?


  1. don't panic!! you're going to rock it!!

  2. You shouldn't panic! It does sound like a tough race but I'm sure you'll do great.

  3. Stop the panic and start carb loading. Carb loading probably isn't necessary but they always make me feel better:). You are in better shape than you think you are and think of it as you were not just taking time off from running, you were resting in preparation to kill that half!

  4. You will be FINE!! Don't panic!!! You've got it! :)

  5. Repeat! Stop panicking! You will be just fine. Remember runners don't lose much V02 max over a 10 day period of inactivity. And if you have to miss two weeks, it only reduces by 6%. You are not a newbie runner, you are actually a really good runner! I bet you do better than you think on those fresh legs!

    1. Thank you for this stat! This makes me feel SO much better.

  6. You are going to do great! But most of all, have FUN!!!!


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