January 9, 2013

A running quiz

I’m kind of late to the party (per usual), but I did this running quiz that I saw on Jogging on Coffee ... three months ago, ahem.

Fuel: Shot Bloks, GU, Energy Chews, Candy or Other?  

When I first started running, I didn’t even know you needed to “eat” while running long distances. Once I learned this, I bought a variety of things to try, and I didn’t like most of them. I tolerated GU Energy Gel, but it was still gross to me. Then, I discovered GU Chomps, which I thought were the best thing ever (because they are almost exactly like gummy candy). I used them until this training session when a running group coach gave us a bunch of GU gel. I started using it again and realized that even though the texture was still nasty, I liked it better than chewing something while running. So for now, GU gel ... but only fruity flavors (the idea of espresso gel makes me gag … not that the fruity flavors don't sometimes).

Race Length: 5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon, Ultra or Other?

Half marathons and I are in love. Good thing, since I have seven on the calendar for 2013 (yikes). It’s a manageable distance, but I still find it very challenging. I have tons of room for improvement … and I’m extremely scared of the marathon distance. I’d like to someday get an under-30-minute 5K, but I just really don’t like that distance. It takes me at least one mile to warm up, so this doesn’t bode well for a 3.1-mile race. I’ve done two 10Ks: one I didn’t like and one I loved, so I’m still not entirely decided on that distance.

Workout Bottoms: Skirts, Running Shorts, Capris, Pants or Other?

I always run in black capris. Always. Why? My legs are blindingly white. Even the small amount of skin that shows could frighten small children. 

Black capris, pale legs? Yep, me.

Sports Drink: Gatorade, Powerade, Cytomax, you stick to water when you run or Other?

Nuun is my favorite sports drink by far. I highly dislike Gatorade but have been known to drink it during a race with a water chaser. But, blech. 

Running Temperatures: HEAT or COLD?  

Cold, please! Living in Florida, “cold” is anything below 80 degrees, which doesn’t happen very often (it was 85 degrees today, and it’s January for goodness sake). Hot weather is miserable here. The sun sizzles my skin and the humidity causes an excessive amount of sweating. 

Me excessively sweaty: not pretty

Running Shoe Brands: Saucony, Mizuno, Nike, Brooks, Asics or Other?

I love Brooks! I was fitted for the Brooks Adrenaline when I first started running, and I’ve never ran in anything else since. I tried on others and ran on the “track” in the store, but the Brooks stood out as the most comfortable and most supportive by far. 

My love

Pre-race meal: Oatmeal, Bagel, Banana, Eggs, Cereal or Other?  

I either have toast (usually sandwich thin) with peanut butter and a banana or oatmeal, but usually the toast, peanut butter and banana because it tastes better.

Rest Days: 1x per week, 2x per week, never ever ever or other?

I only run three days per week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday), so I have four rest days from running. I keep thinking I’ll add another run day, but I haven’t. Since I haven’t been injured and this allows me to run half marathons, I haven’t changed it.

Music: Have to have it or go without it?  

I go without it. I almost always run with my running group and chatting with the girls is one of the reasons I love running so much.

#1 reason for running: stress-relief, endorphins, you love to race, so you can eat all the cupcakes you want, weight-loss, love running for social reasons or other?

My number one reason for running is endorphins. I feel awesome after I run. Even if it was a “bad” run, I still feel fabulous. Closely tied for second: running is challenging, it allows me to be competitive (with myself), and it provides social benefits.

Are you a blogger that’s completed the quiz? If so, let me know so I can check out your answers. Otherwise, let me know your answers below. I particularly interested in your rest days ... how many days do you run per week? How did you determine that number?


  1. Fun! I love reading these types of quizzes! When I was in marathon training I too ran 3 days a week. I appreciate some people can run 5+ days a week and log tons of miles but that's not me. The more I run, the more likely I am to get injured. If it works for us, why change it, right? :) I love my black capris too!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out :) I'm glad you did the quiz, I love reading other people's answers. I generally stick to running 3 days a week too and cross-training the other days. Like you, I've trained for my half-marathons this way and avoided injuries so I'll stick with it!

  3. Oh, doing the "quiz" now! Should post tomorrow! You and actually have many running things in common. As for rest days, my latest training has 2 non running days. However one is supposed to have cross training. So just 1 official rest day? Wow, sounds scary when I say it!

  4. I'm going to call bull. I bet you eat peanut better banana not because it tastes good, at least not as first. I bet you one trip to RockABelly Deli that you ate it, at least at first, in honor of Elvis. ;)

    1. I did used to always eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich on Elvis' birthday. It rocked. And, it was probably why I first tried it. Elvis knows food.

  5. Oh I am going to have to steal this. I find it hard to blog when I am not racing because I feel like I have nothing to say really. I have been wanting to try Brooks running shoes and with your recommendation I might have to find a pair. I run five days a week- mostly easy runs.


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