January 16, 2013

Back to my random ways

I have a lot on my mind, but none of it is full blog post-worthy, so back to my favorite writing form: bullets. 
  • My sore back is slowly getting better, I think. I ran on Monday (4 miles) and Tuesday (3 miles). Today it’s kind of stiff and sore again, but not nearly as bad as Sunday. I hope it’s on the mend. I don’t need anything else working against me on Sunday: the day of “most challenging half marathon in Florida.”
  • In addition to the half marathon, there is a full marathon available. Yikes. That distance is still not appealing to me and extremely scary. I keep thinking it will be my next goal, but no, not yet … maybe not ever. I do always get a little twinge of interest when I read an inspiring marathon recap, like this one ... but only a twinge, mostly admiration and awe at the person who did it.
  • Jessica Simpson was on Jay Leno on Tuesday. She was beautiful and funny, per usual. She just makes me happy. She already looks super pregnant, but isn’t due until summer. I guess that’s what happens when you’re 5’2”.
  • I like to think I’m a part of this child’s life because when I met Jessica, she was pregnant.
  • To top off the ultimate late night, Charlie Sheen was on Jimmy Fallon. He makes me happy, too. But, not happy enough to stay up that late. Sorry Charlie.
  • I did recently watch a new-to-me Charlie Sheen movie, though. It was released in 1998, so it’s probably not new to anyone else. What can I say? I’m on the cutting edge. Anyway, I could have gone another 15 years without seeing it. If given the opportunity, do not watch “No Code of Conduct.” Horrible, awful movie. I didn’t realize Martin and Charlie made such terrible movies. They do. My boyfriend said at the beginning of the movie, “Hey. That’s Bret Michaels.” I said, “No. It looks like him, but it’s definitely not him.” At the closing credits, we found out it was Bret Michaels … and that he directed the movie. Bret Michaels directs movies? Well, he shouldn’t.
  • I came upon this unfortunate movie because of Netflix. I’ve never had Netflix, but our new TV has a wireless connection and now, Netflix. In my first experience, my boyfriend asked what movie I wanted to watch. I of course said “Ace Ventura.” Not available. OK, what kind of service is this? The best movie of all time is not available? Then, I said, “How about 300?” Yeah, not available either. So, I said, “Can you look up movies by actor?” That led to searching Charlie Sheen and the terrible discovery. Um, is Netflix really this lame? No recent movies? Only Bret Michaels-directed movies?
  • Tonight, I’m watching an OJ Simpson trial documentary thanks to Netflix. I started by searching Jessica Simpson (surprise!). After finding absolutely nothing (seriously worst movie service ever … or I don’t know how to work it yet), but seeing OJ, I decided to see what he had to offer. I thought maybe "Naked Gun," but no: two documentaries about the trial. Sadly, I’m mildly obsessed with law and especially the Simpson trial, so I’m actually liking it more than the pitiful Charlie Sheen movie.
Please tell me: is Netflix really this bad? Have you ever watched a Bret Michaels-directed movie? Have you run a marathon? If so, do you like the distance? If not, are you scared like me?


  1. We like Netflix but honestly the kids use it more than the adults, and I doubt you will be as excited about Spongebob or The Power Rangers as they are. There are some movies and shows from our youth that are funny to watch again though. Derek and I mainly use it for working our way through TV series that everyone in the world has watched except us.

    I wanted to thank you--today I decided to do a tempo run after reading about them here. Today I managed 3 miles at just under 11:00/mile, which is about 30 seconds faster than my usual. It felt awesome! Thanks!

    1. So Netflix IS lame. Maybe I'll try to embrace it and watch old TV shows.

      Yay for a tempo run! I'm glad you tried it out, speedy!

  2. Lol weight watchers isn't too happy with Jessica I'm assuming

    1. Haha! She said WW is supportive, but they had to be a little irritated.

  3. I really don't think a marathon is for me. The only time I contemplate doing one is when I'm not running :P Never say never, but I think I'll stick to doing half-marathons.

    1. Yay! Now I don't feel like a slacker for not doing one. :c)


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