October 31, 2012

Happy Costumes!

I absolutely love Halloween ... mainly because it involves costumes. 

This year I had three costumes.

Black Swan-inspired ballerina

First up: a costume for an art show. I always feel some pressure at this event to not be something funny (my specialty) and be something more ... um, arty? 

I had big hopes and dreams for this costume, but they died when I saw it all together.


Next up: a work Halloween party. We made this costume decision solely because we were Zorros the year before, and it was an easy switch (our work department kind of has a thing about dressing up as a group; try it — it's fun). 

Group costume #1 (only two participants, but this costume is
my favorite)

People realized the fun they were missing out on and joined our farm

Fun and easy costume encourages participation

Really simple conversion from fun and easy
costume doesn't encourage participation,

Mr. Potato Head

Final event: the Halloween Halfathon. It was a long thought process to come up with something that I felt was wearable while running 13.1 miles

I had Mr. Potato Head in mind for a regular costume, but thought I could modify it for running. It worked! 

This was extremely non-irritating (exactly what I going for), easy to make (another bonus), and I thought it turned out great.


Do you dress up for Halloween (or Halloween parties)? What is your favorite costume? Have you ever dressed up as a group? Have you dressed up for a race? Did it require a long thought process to determine what you'd be (and if it would be comfortable)? Happy Halloween!


  1. I have to work on my race costumes! I don't like to wear a ton of layers so will have to work on skirts etc.

  2. All such great costumes!!! Potato head looks like the perfect running costume.

  3. Hi! I have been busy with work so I'm catching up on old posts.... I love the black swan costume! I almost did a swan for my (failed) RWS race. But I also LOVE Mr. Potato head. You are so creative!


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