October 16, 2012

This week in running: week 9

Remember all those weeks when I was not happy with my running? When I thought it would never come together? Yeah, me either. This week made me forget that. 


I know I usually get excited about speed work, but I wasn't feeling it this week. The 400-meter repeats seemed long ... and hard. But shockingly, I had a single-digit minute mile. I realize this is routine for some people, but this is a huge deal to me. I'm still not quite there in terms of pacing and negative split, but I'm getting faster.

How should the sets look?


How my sets looked.

I started smart, but things got out of control by my second 400 meter. I could feel myself going too fast, but I couldn't stop before it was disastrous. Sigh ... more work to do.

Distance: 3.8 miles


The plan: a progressive run around a lake. Make each trip around the lake faster.

I was stiff and not into this run at all in the beginning. 

But, I eventually loosened up and had an OK run. Nothing to cheer about, but not terrible either.

Distance: 3.2 miles


I was worried about my long run this week. They just haven't been going that great for me. The thought of 10 miles was a little overwhelming ... especially after having a glass of wine and only getting 4 hours of sleep on Saturday. But I was doing important things, people.


I managed to wake up Sunday morning and not feel too terrible. A little sleepy, but that's every morning for me.

And I actually managed to eat a portion of a real breakfast (toasted sandwich thin, peanut butter and banana). 

The first few miles were pretty blurry. I barely remember them. I think I woke up around mile 3. Yay! Almost a third of the run done, and I didn't even know it.

The portion of the run I do remember was just pure awesome. We had a group of five running together, which makes me smile. It's so fun to run with people with the same goal. 

I took a GU gel a little past the 4-mile mark. I was solely a GU Chomps girl, but our coach handed these out (I can't resist free stuff). I'm really not a fan of the texture, but it seemed to do the job.

I felt really, really, really great this entire run. I never said "I hate running." I never said "I'll never run again." I never said "I want to punch running in the face" (thanks for the inspiration for this gem).  

I needed this. I didn't expect it this day, but I needed it. 

Now I'm furiously analyzing absolutely everything I did to replicate it for all of my long runs (including kissing donkeys). 

 Distance: 10 miles

How was your week in running? Did you find long run love this week like me? Have you ever gotten 4 hours of sleep before a long run? How did it go? Have you ever slept through a few miles? What's your favorite running nutrition?


  1. Awesome runs! (and love the Taco Bus shot-YUM).

  2. Great week of running! It's totally a bonus that you slept through the first few miles of your long run ;)

  3. YAYYYY FOR GOOD LONG RUNS!! And dude, your makeup freaking rocks in that picture of you kissing the pinata. I am in love with it!

    1. Thanks! It was incredible. The piñata (human version) did it for me.

  4. Great job with your progress yay!

  5. Yay for a good long run!

    I'm not a fan of mornings either but there have been times in the past when my only option was to run at the butt crack of dawn. Being half-asleep did make running kind of easier. ;)

    1. I need to remember this when I whine about waking up that early. It's one of the only benefits I know!

  6. I just have to give you props for any kind of running. I'm not into exercising, so you go girl!


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