October 4, 2012

This week in running: week 7

I'm starting to panic. I just don't feel great about where I am with my running. I even talked with my coach about it. She, of course, said not to worry. I'm doing great. It's still ridiculously hot here. 

She's right. But, I'm just disappointed. I expected to rock this training cycle. It's my second time around. I ran regularly during my summer break from running group. I didn't expect it to be easy, but I expected to feel better than I do at this point. 


Yay! I love speed work day! Who am I?!?

Today's plan: three sets of three, 400-meter repeats. We got two sets in and then got into a discussion on running form and never got the third set done. I really wanted to run that third set ... seriously. I like this stuff.

How should the sets look?


So, how did I do on the two sets I ran?

Yeah, so I'm still not really doing it quite right. 

I tried to start slow, but then I went too fast for the second. This is difficult to do! I wear my Garmin, but I don't rely on it. In fact, I don't even look at it while I'm running these. Maybe I should? I think the idea is to get a feel for your pace, but I'm not entirely sure.  

Distance: 2.8 miles


I don't like Thursdays as much as Tuesdays. We work at sustaining a faster pace for a longer period of time. That's hard! And, I'm not good at it.

Our plan for the day: 10 minutes of warm-up, 10 minutes at a faster pace, 10 minutes at an even faster pace, 10 minutes at an even still faster pace and 10 minutes of cool down. So this was a great day to forget my Garmin. Grrr!

My running buddy and I just relied on feel. We tried to get faster, but I'm not really sure if we maintained it the way we should. We had a few walk breaks, but it ended up being a decent run, I guess. 

Due to running this route consistently, I know we ran 4 miles in 50 minutes (I did have a regular stopwatch to keep time).

Distance: 4.0 miles


Not a typical running day, but I ran a 5K paced by my coach. Good things happened, but I did not feel great after the race. Read about the elation and the misery here.

Distance: 3.1 miles

I did not feel great Saturday after the 5K. I did not eat anything besides a few bites of a roll and an apple that night due to nausea.

I really wanted to make my long run on Sunday, but just didn't have the energy to do it. I woke up Sunday, tried to eat something, but I still didn't feel that great and knew I wasn't powered properly to run 8 miles. So, I went back to sleep.

This really helped me to not panic about my running ...
Distance: 0.0 miles

How was your week in running? Are you happy with your progress? Are you where you want to be in terms of training? Are you enjoying fall weather? What is this like? Can you please send some to Florida?


  1. Seems like you are doing a bang up job sweetie...don't be so hard on yourself...4 miles in 50 is great...good job. just keep putting one foot in front of the other and don't forget to enjoy the run however fast or slow you go. I am so excited to run in November..I've been off due to a pelvic stress fracture (19 weeks now) and it has been very hard to not run..I am able to work out again and can run but promised my hubby I'd wait until Nov. Blessings!

    new blog post at http://runningsurvivor.blogspot.com/2012/10/my-week-in-review.html

    1. Aww, thanks! I'm not as worried about the time as how I feel. I just don't feel as comfortable as I used to running. I still enjoy it and look forward to it, though.

      I'm glad you'll be able to start running again in November. I know it has to be hard to wait. It'll make you appreciate running even more.

  2. I could have written your second paragraph myself. I was thinking the EXACT same thing this morning. My goal for my first half of the Fall is to beat my time from last year. I am seriously doubting I will be able to do it since I really feel like I should be further along than I feel I am right now. In the end I told myself that I put in as much work as I could and whatever comes from that will be what is meant to be.

    1. I don't know what happened. I'm disappointed, though. Maybe things will eventually come together ... I hope. But, like you said, all we can do is put in the work and see what happens.

  3. I think if you are out there running you are doing just fine!

    1. I like that! And need to say it over and over and over again.


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