November 1, 2012

The wrong food encourages randomness

Yesterday, some food item I ate made me sick. I'm not sure how to narrow it down and determine what it is so I never eat it again.

It could have been the Mexican food we ordered out for lunch. Or the chicken, black beans and rice sample I tried at the grocery store after work. Or the hummus and tomatoes I had for dinner. Or those five fun-size pieces of candy I ate (it was Halloween, you know). Ahem,  pretend you didn't read that.

I'm betting on the grocery store sample. No way it was candy. No way.

Whatever it was made me miserable last night into today. Thankfully, I'm feeling better. That is the only good thing about food poisoning: it's over quick.

While my body (and mind) recovers, I'll leave you with some bits of randomness.
  • I'm the featured blogger at Fitblogger today! Check it out ... if only for the sole reason of seeing a picture of me with my hair down.  
  • In a week, I'll be preparing to head to Texas to see my Alma mater (and No. 2 team in the nation), Kansas State, take on the TCU Horned Frogs. I haven't been to an away game since college (a LONG time ago). It should be interesting since both schools' colors are purple.
Victorious in enemy territory (I didn't wet my pants; it poured
the entire game).
  • Then, on Dec. 1, my boyfriend and I will be in Kansas to see Kansas State take on Texas. Hopefully, they'll still be undefeated and in that No. 2 (or 1?) spot. It should be a fun game, if only for the fact that my brother despises the University of Texas and our seats are by the Texas ramp. Texas players and coaches walk by us each time they head on or off the field ... and my brother isn't afraid to taunt them. I'll do the horns down symbol, but that's about it. I despise other teams much more (hello, University of Kansas and University of Oklahoma).
  • I love holidays. I love traditions. So, I can't believe I let one drop. Well, yes I can. I got so burnt on carving pumpkins last year with this disastrous, difficult pattern that I didn't even bother this year. Kinda sad, but I can still feel the irritation so I figured it best to not have sharp carving tools in hand.
  • After seeing all the costume photos (from friends and celebrities), I now have all of these ideas for costumes for next year. Unfortunately, I won't remember any of them and will start wondering what I'm going to be for Halloween next September. Oh, well. That's part of the fun, I guess.
How was your Halloween? Did you avoid the candy (unlike me)? Did you carve a pumpkin? What are your traditions? What was your favorite costume you saw this year? Do you like college football? Do you go to games (home or away)?


  1. I had 3 pieces yesterday (fun sized) and three pieces today... I figure it's a somewhat victory :)

    I love your costumes especially your black swan inspired one from a previous post :)

    Happy November!

  2. No. I ate it all. I worked it off with 6.5 miles this morning. {shameful}

  3. I tried so hard, but that candy was tempting. Good thing is that I spread it out in small portions and my daughter is going to donate it. Need my halo and wings so I didn't eat as much as I normally would.

    Glad your feeling better.


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