November 26, 2012

Monday musings

  • I feel like I've been washing dishes nonstop since Thanksgiving. And washing dishes is my least favorite household chore. I guess that's what I get for cooking a big meal with lots of leftovers.
  • At my dentist appointment today, I learned I have two broken fillings and one broken tooth. Why? Because of my newly developed habit of grinding my teeth. My jaws have been so sore lately, and I wasn't sure why. Now I know. Now I have two more appointments, a crown and a mouth guard in my future. Yay.
  • I found this obvious Christmas necessity at Target.
  • When my running buddy Lori called to tell me we made the Tampa Bay Times (our local paper), I panicked. Why? Because the photo was of us running the Women's Half Marathon. I started imagining how red, sweaty and taxed I looked. Photos of me running are not cute. When I finally got my hands on the paper, I was relieved. 
Photo by James Borchuck, Tampa Bay Times
Thankfully, the photo was at the beginning of the race. As an added bonus, Lori's ponytail blocked my face. Even though it was early and I wasn't too red, sweaty or taxed, I'm still capable of making a ridiculous face.   
  • You may have noticed I always refer to Lori as my running buddy. I'm not really sure how it started, but it's an accurate description. So, how cool is it that she got me this shoe charm?
  •  I took today off from work. I originally asked for it because we were planning on traveling for Thanksgiving. Even though we didn't, I kept the day as vacation. Awesome decision on my part. Of course, it will make going back to work tomorrow that much harder.


  1. I hope you enjoyed your day off form work. I hear you on the dish washing part. It feels like I was constantly cooking and cleaning all week :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. You're famous! Sorry to hear about the dental situation. I ground my back teeth down to nubs when my husband was in Iraq. Apparently that was stressful. I have since stopped but the damage is done. Hopefully they can get you all fixed up and like new. The mouth guard is ten tons of suck but once you get used to it works like a charm.

    1. Yikes! That would be stressful. I need to find out more details, but I don't feel stressed? Not sure why this is happening now.


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