September 23, 2013

This week in running: week 2

I had another craptastic week of running. Darn you, Summer (or the Summer-like Fall weather)! Go away.


Since I missed my running group on Sunday, I made up my long run miles on Monday. I started off saying I’d run 8 miles. It went down to 6 before I started. I ended up with 5 miles. I’m just not great at running by myself. In fact, I’m pretty darn terrible at it. I just never got into a groove on this run. I’d go fast, then slow, then really slow (as in walk). I basically repeated this the entire time. Bah.

5 miles

After waiting out the rain, our group finally headed out, and I managed to get in a decent 2 miles. Definitely not as far as I hoped, but I was happy to get in any miles. I was afraid I’d end up with zero and have to run by myself again … yikes. These 2 miles after the rain were actually pretty sweet. It felt a little cooler after the rain, and my pace was closer to what it used to be … before the surface of the sun temperatures hit. It actually gave me some hope for a decent 5K on Thursday.

2 miles

Job hazard: red pen on the hands


I ran my first race since May on Thursday. It was such a fun race (recap to come this week), and I had a fabulous time (as in my time there, not my time for the 5K). It wasn’t the 5K time I wanted, but I really didn’t expect to see anything great with this race. I’ve struggled all summer and with this race being in the summer, I knew realistically that an under-30-minute 5K was probably not happening. I momentarily forgot this during the first half of the race, and I was completely miserable. 

3.1 miles

I thought the rain might make my run awesome like it was on Tuesday.
I thought wrong.
Do you run by yourself or with a group? Have to have it one way or the other or can you do both? Is summer running miserable for everyone?


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. I used to running 100% by myself. But after I started running with people, running by myself is just so much harder.

  2. summer running is miserable!!!!!! im so happy its fall and im ready to rock out my headlamp!


  3. Trying this again... I actually run better alone. Even when hubby and I run together, we only start together as we run at different paces. I feel like if I run with other people, I won't be able to keep up. We can't all have good weeks, it's just about pushing forward. :)


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