September 25, 2013

Island Boost review: a long-run fueling option

Disclaimer: I was provided three packets of Island Boost at no cost for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

When you’re running a long distance, you need some nutrition mid-run unfortunately. I write “unfortunately,” because most of the stuff they make for this is dreadful. Gels that are funky textures and tastes and gummy things to chew (chewing and swallowing are not something I should be doing while running). Both make me feel ill either later in the run or later in the day. Blech.

I've used both types, tried multiple brands and ended up with the same result: ummm, no. I'd like them for a time, but it never failed that I'd still get that ill feeling. Yuck.

Enter a new player in the game: Island Boost.

Island Boost was created by a runner with a sensitive digestive system who got sick using the traditional options. This sounds familiar.

Some features and benefits of Island Boost, according to their website: it contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors; it's vegan and gluten free; there's no need to drink water to dissolve the carbohydrates since they're readily absorbed via the coconut water in Island Boost; and it's quickly absorbed in the bloodstream to fuel muscles.

Sounds good, right?

Well, I put three different flavors to the test on three different long runs. I used two flavors mid-run and one before the start of a run.

What did I think?

Texture: I liked the texture more than any gel-type product I've tried. It went down easily without feeling like it was sticking to my throat (please tell me you know what I mean). It was almost as easy as drinking water.

Flavors: The flavors were surprisingly sweet. I really like sweet, so I liked them. But, if you try them, be prepared for a kick of super-sweet liquid. I can see them being too sweet for some people. My favorite flavor was Passion Fruit, followed by Strawberry-Orange and Blueberry-Pomegranate.

Feeling: Island Boost delivered the nutrition I needed to keep running or the nutrition I needed before a run. But, the best part? I didn't feel sick during the run or after. I kept waiting for the miserable stomach issues I used to get, and they never came.

Want to try Island Boost? It's available via REI (in stores and online).

Have you tried Island Boost? What did you think? Do you have stomach issues with other products? What is your go-to fuel?


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