September 17, 2013

This week in running: week 1

So, after I made the big declaration that I’d start posting my training, I probably had one of my worst weeks of running. Ugh.

It didn’t start off so bad.


Aside from a few glorious treadmill runs, this summer’s running has been pretty craptastic. So, imagine my surprise when this 7-mile outdoor run went pretty smoothly. Dare I say good? It was a few degrees cooler than it has been (so just really hot instead of really, really hot), and I think that made it decent. I’m still not where I want to be, but this is better than anything in recent times (i.e., the period that feels like the surface of the sun).

7 miles

It was super windy, which was strange. I’m used to no wind whatsoever. Running along the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront, I really felt the wind. The wind made it difficult, but it also made it cooler, which really, really rocks. I ran almost 3 miles (that were really not that great and I started doubting my running abilities) and walked 1 mile with Running Buddy Lori, who is currently on the DL.

3 miles

The wind brought out the kite surfers.


I was planning on going to running group. I set out my clothes; I wanted to go (even if I hadn’t eaten or slept much in a few days, and I just felt sick due to some unexpected bad news). But, pesky work actually interfered and kept me from going. I kept thinking I’d make it up that night or Friday or Saturday, but I just didn’t get it done. I just really kind of got knocked down last week, and it took me awhile to finally feel decent again. Everything suffered  running included. 

0 miles

Aside from Sunday, the week was kind of a disaster. But, there is no need to panic (I’m telling myself this more than anyone else).

How was your week in running? What are you training for? Do you panic if you miss a run? (For your sake, I hope not. But, I sure do.)


  1. Last week was pretty good, except for Saturday's 5 mile run which kicked my butt big time. I ran almost 2 hours later than I have been and it was already 5 million degrees out. Bah. This morning should have been my first run of Week 5 training, but my foot started bothering me last night and still was this morning. I decided it would be best to not run and hope for the best tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

  2. I didn't run at all last week due to something that felt suspiciously like the flu. Who gets the flu in September?

    There is no need to panic. One week really is only one week,and you rocked the whole beginning of it.

  3. Craptastic here too. Just couldn't find a time to make it work. And so, the plan is 530 in the morning. Oh Lordy I am insane.

    1. Holy crap. You are insane. But, good for you, crazy girl!


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