August 1, 2013

Some reasons why August is grand

OK, remember that I told you I had some Amazon gift cards, and I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of some beautiful new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13s in my size? Well, I got impatient. And, I did something I really wasn't planning on; it just happened.


Yes, I bought (gasp!) another brand! And, yes, I was mostly influenced by the color! But, I did do some research and found that this model of Asics is comparable to Brooks Adrenaline. And, Asics come highly recommended from Running Buddy Lori. That's enough for me!

She's smiling because of her shoes.

I decided after last night's 4-mile treadmill run that it is time for new shoes. I can always feel it in my ankles. I have a pair of Brooks Adrenaline waiting for me, and the Asics arrive on Monday. I'm thinking I might switch between the two new pairs?

The shoes are extremely exciting, but there are other reasons I'm super pumped that it's August! Not something you usually here someone in Florida say ... But, it means it's half marathon training month! All the fun begins in the hot, miserable, sweaty, humid days of August. I currently have six half marathons on the schedule, beginning in October, and I keep wanting to add more.

I just found out about this half marathon in Lexington, Kentucky, thanks to this girl. My friend Erin lives in Lexington, and I love the area (and her), so ... hmm. Something to ponder.

And, I really want to do this half again. I have fond memories because of a beautiful half PR there. And, a beautiful trip to New Orleans after!

August also means it's core month. What's core month, you ask? Well, it's a month of core work in the form of a challenge, the August Core Focus Challenge, hosted by Kat at Sneakers and Fingerpaints. She rocks, and I know this challenge will rock! You can join in via ChallengeLoop to receive daily exercises, as well as a chance to win prizes. A strong core makes a strong runner!

Have you switched brands of running shoes? Do you like the switch? Do you use one pair of running shoes exclusively or change up your shoes depending on the day?


  1. So far I haven't switched brands. I'm sticking with what works. I have a brand new pair and an older pair of the same that still have a few miles on them, so I switch (different colors, different moods).

    Love that color, though! I'm sure they're going to be fun to run in. As a fellow Floridian, I know what you mean about being ready for fall, but we still have a few more months. Good luck with the start of your marathon training :)

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  3. Had to fix a typo--sorry!

    I've seen those shoes in person and they are so pretty! I hope you will love Asics. I wore nothing but Asics for years and then switched last year but I'm back in them again. I think rotating is a great idea. I'm currently rotating between 4 pairs (2 Asics, 1 Nike, 1 Mizuno) and it helps them last longer. Yay for race training! :)

  4. Oh those shoes are pretty! I have to replace my Brooks Adrenalines too. I'm scared to switch brands but with the foot issues I had earlier this Summer I am thinking about going and getting my feet analyzed again and trying new brands.

  5. I started in Brooks, switched to Asics, then to Saucony and back to Asics. Love me some Cumulus!


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