August 22, 2013

Preparation makes summer running better ... duh, right?

I may have mentioned a time or two that I kind of despise summer running.

Each run is a struggle, I get disappointed in my times, I have to walk, and I sweat a ridiculous amount. 

And, it's just not me. This is from an Active article: "You will be slower, feel awful despite running slower, and your recovery will be hampered. This is impossible to avoid and has nothing to do with a lack of fitness. It's simply a physiological reality."

But, this past Sunday, I was determined to have a good run.

So, I drank bunches of water on Saturday to get hydrated. I filled a fuel belt with Nuun to stay hydrated during the run. I started early to get a few miles in before the sun came up. I brought a gel with me.

The beach just before sunrise

And, you know what? It was actually a really good run. There was some walking, but it was mainly wandering looking for a non-existent cooler.

I ran 6 miles and felt better than I have on most of my 4-mile runs this summer.

The 2 miles before the sun came up definitely helped, but I think of it had to do with something I haven’t done much of at all this summer: being prepared.

Since I haven’t been training for anything specifically this summer, my mileage has dropped, and I definitely haven’t been taking it as seriously. When I hear, “we’ll run 4 miles,” I think, “no problem.” That’s nothing, right? Well, nothing when you’re used to running double digits anyway. Do I plan and prep as much as I normally would? Nope. Do I worry about drinking water on Saturday? Nope. Do I bring Nuun with me? Nope.

Well, darn. I wish I would have figured this out earlier so summer running wouldn’t have been quite so miserable.

But, with half marathon training beginning and it still feeling like the surface of the sun, I’m sure this will still come in handy.

Do you prepare as much for shorter distances? How is your summer running going?


  1. I am so ready for this heat and humidity to be over. I've been here for 20 years, you'd think I'd be used to it by now. If anything, I hate it more each year. I can't wait for our first cool day. I might cry, lol. Great job on Sunday! I carry water with my when I run the bridge but I don't when I run at home. No rhyme or reason to that one... We should plan a run together on day. :)

    1. Yes! We should run together soon!

  2. I've coped with the summer heat by running REALLY early in the morning right or at sunrise. It's how I've managed. I see runners out there in the afternoon and I think to myself, HOW!? More power to them.

    It's almost over. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

  3. Today I realized how important it is to hydrate even though it is a short run. This morning actually felt really nice. It was only about 69, there was a wonderful breeze and surprizingly low humidity(I am in Atlanta).It felt wonderful. The 4 mile run went great! It was the after effect that killed me. Hours later, I felt like I had a hang over. I don't think I drank any water at all yesterday, and didn't take any fluids in my hydration belt this morning.


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