December 5, 2012

Another trip where I didn't run

I want to run when traveling, I really do. It just never happens.

I prepare: I pack my beautiful Brooks shoes and all the necessary running clothes and accessories. I even pack my Garmin. But, it's just wasting space in my suitcase.

As good as my intentions are, it rarely happens. This makes me a little nervous for my half marathon on Sunday ...

But, the good news is I had a fabulous trip. 

It started with fabulous barbecue in Kansas City (and a few pickles).

Next up ...

This lead to these being purchased.

Holy crap! These are good. Trader Joe's calls them inside-out carrot cake cookies, but they are more like an icing sandwich. Yum. 

It also lead to a healthier photo op.

My dad thinks the Brussels sprouts on the stalk are cool. I do, too. 

Later that evening, we went to my brother and sister-in-law's house for dinner. After dinner, Rodeo took inappropriate photos with my brother.

The next day was the main event: Kansas State Wildcats vs. Texas Longhorns.

Tailgating (and many "horns down") ensued.

Eric only brought dress pants.

We had fun coloring our hair purple.

The results were fairly awesome.

And the game was fairly awesome, too (and required more "horns down").

Since the Wildcats won and are Big 12 Champions, after the game was pretty sweet, too.

So, I didn't run. But, I had fun. And I ran Tuesday night, and I'll run Thursday night. And my half marathon on Sunday will go fabulously ... I think.

Do you run when traveling? If so, how do you do it? Have you been to Trader Joe's? Are you a fan? Ever storm a college football field?


  1. Don't worry I crapped out on my run plans too! Hubs didn't want me running by myself in a town I didn't know...understandable...and the hotel gym stunk..I hate the, I make up for it today ;) see u Sunday! Ill be a lil elf ;)

  2. I do try to run while I'm away, like in Vegas we ran the strip even though everyone looked at us like we were nuts and in all fairness they were all still drunk. (it was 7 a.m. and everyone was still up from the night before.) I like to find fun places to run where I'm visiting (the Brooklyn Bridge in NY, check out the "awesome" hotel treadmills...) it doesn't always happen but when it does it makes for cool stories! Love the purple hair!

  3. We don't travel much but when we do, I usually don't run. There's always so much to do! But when we went to Montana this summer I managed two runs. It was a small town so I felt pretty safe and couldn't get lost--I think that is what stops me just as much as trying to find time. I don't really like taking off into the unknown. At home I usually stick to the same routes over and over so I know what to expect.

    As far as Trader Joe's, if you were there you were within 15 minutes of my house! We should try a quick meet-up next time you'll be here.

    And I remember a few fields we stormed together. ;)

    1. I agree! I'm scared of running where I'm not familiar. This time, that wasn't the case.

      Whoa! I can't believe I was that close to your house. Yes, we'll definitely meet up the next time I'm there!

      Jeff calculated that is was 14 years since we stormed the field. Yikes! That made me feel really old. :c(


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