October 1, 2013

This week in running: week 3


The first half of this run was awesome. You can probably guess where this is going ... the second half was not. It was probably because I forgot fuel and felt myself slowing fading toward the end. I ended up walking more than I wanted and cutting it 0.5 miles short. I'd love to see what would have happened if I had fuel, but I didn't. And the run is what it is. And I saw a beautiful sunrise.

7.5 miles


I felt like running, but it was raining, so I headed to the craptastic gym. I picked the wrong treadmill, and it stopped mid-run. I tried everything, but it would not restart. So, I had to switch treadmills. This is why I call it the craptastic gym, people. I listened to Katy Perry's "Roar" on repeat the entire run. I envisioned myself roaring to the condo board about their crappy gym.

2.5 miles

It should not have to be like this.


It seems like I either love speed work night or hate it. This week, it was love. Maybe I got all my hate out at the craptastic gym. The 800-meter repeats seemed tough (per usual), but manageable (not always the case). It was one of those times that everything seems right with running (these periods are usually short-lived, so I try to savor them when they happen).

3.0 miles

Ever have a treadmill quit on you mid-run? Anyone else obsessed with "Roar," too? Do you have a love-hate relationship with speed work?


  1. Hate treadmills. I am always afraid I am going to trip and fall.

    Katy Perry has some good songs. I like Roar, but I also really like Firework. :)

    Speed work is good. I enjoy it, just because it breaks things up a bit.

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  3. Treadmills quitting mid-run is just horrible. Not cool. Hate speedwork because it makes me feel like death so is probably good for me. Yes to Roar. Awesome picture of the boats!!!


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