April 3, 2013

Ramblings of a fool

  • I now realize the poor timing of my 5K race recap. A turtle posting about a 3:11 personal best and an almost sub-30-minute 5K on April Fools' Day was probably not the best decision. But, every word is true. 
  • By the way, I'm really not a fan of April Fools' Day. I guess because I'm a fool. I'm just too darn gullible and naive, so I'll believe almost anything. Please don't remember this next April 1.
  • For the past week, I've had hip/hamstring/quad pain. I tried to run on Sunday (after not running the past week), and I just couldn't do it. It really felt like my hamstring was going to snap. Yikes. So, I started getting mopey and dramatic, assuming I'd miss my scheduled races, and knowing I'd have to write about an injury. Thankfully, I'm not doing that. Instead, I'm writing about the wonders of a massage therapist, stretching and foam rolling. I ran last night, and I felt fabulous! You should be quite thankful that you don't have to see me mopey and dramatic (even if you don't realize it). 
  • The girl who recently highlighted my hair said that Bruno Mars is "give-you-goosebumps good" in concert. I figured this, but it is nice to have it confirmed. Now I just have to wait until August 28 to see for myself. 
  • Want to see my recently highlighted hair?
It sprinkled for two minutes, and I kept my rain coat
on the entire game. I'm also a nerd that keeps score.
  • All of my recent photos are from spring training games, where I have to wear a hat to protect my Caspar-like skin from the sun. The other photos involve sweat-soaked, pulled back hair (thanks to running) that don't show it either. So, I have some lighter pieces of hair now. Take my word for it.
  • Back to Bruno, I'm still majorly obsessed with this song.
  • Radio stations don't play it nearly enough. If they could quit playing the "I Will Wait" song and play this instead, that would be fabulous (sorry to the many, many, many Mumford & Sons fans).
Do you like April Fools' Day? Ever work out a potential injury with massage, stretching or foam rolling (or all)? Bruno Mars or Mumford & Sons?


  1. As I was reading through I was prepared to "lecture" you on FOAM ROLL, STICK, STRETCH as much as possible! But you then asked :) Girl friend, let me count the dollars that I would have saved had I of done this after every single run and whenever I could from NOT going to physical therapy. My failure to recover properly cost me over a grand for a very minor problem. Keep that in mind. You can find some cheap deals on foam rollers, mats, etc at TJMaxx - I was there yesterday and just about fell out when they had decent yoga mats for $7. ;)
    If you feel it is bad enough - go to an LMT and get them to work out the kinks. They are sent from heaven.

    As much as I don't like Bruno Mars as a person, his music is pretty darn catchy, however Mumford & Sons wins that matchup!

  2. Hmmm - I love, LOVE Mumford and Sons... but I can get on board with some Bruno Mars too, he IS pretty catchy.

    Glad you're feeling better. Injuries are the worst. But I'm sure you already know how I feel about injuries ;-)

  3. I love that Bruno Mars song too! I'm glad you're able to run again :)

  4. I do not like April Fools Day at all. Thank God my husband doesn't either. I love Bruno Mars. There is not one song he has that I don't like. He is very talented.

  5. Also not an April Fool's fan. My kids may or may not know that it even exists, or that it was two days ago.

    Mumford & Sons for me! Love them.

  6. I love planning and plotting April Fools jokes, but I never do them. Because then people would try and get me back!

  7. Love this Bruno song, but again, they're playing it WAY too much on the radio. I hate that even great songs get overplayed which eventually makes me hate them. But I think Bruno Mars is a great and very unique artist.

  8. Glad you are feeling better! My Achilles has been sore and I am a little freaked out since it is almost marathon time- by almost marathon I mean month away- I may be in dramatic mode. But have been rolling and stretching and that seems to help. Bruno Mars all the way- love his new song, love seeing him play at award shows, would love to see him live!


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