March 14, 2013

From excited to eh to excited

So, I have a half marathon this weekend.

And, I was really excited about it because I haven't ran a race in more than a month.

Now, I'm kind of eh. 

I had a disastrous run on Thursday night. Disastrous as in my stomach hurt, and I walked almost half of it. 

And, I don't feel like I've run a decent distance since the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in February. I think my longest "long" run was 7 miles. (I've been running consistently, but focusing more on hill work than distance.)

And, I know the course. It's the same course I ran for the Halloween Halfathon (in a Mr. Potato Head costume). And, I know it's boring. Flat, but boring. 

But, since it's on St. Patrick's Day, I'm getting festive again (and that makes any race better). 

And, I have some running group friends that will be at the race.

And, I'll be receiving this awesome medal. 

And, it will be my fourth halfathon in this series, which means an additional medal for completing them all.

 Oh, and beer after the race. 

OK, I'm excited now. I'm ready to race on Sunday!

Anyone else doing a St. Patrick's Day race? This is my first, but I love being festive! 


  1. I've got Rock n roll half in DC this weekend! Pretty excited too :) minus the predicted rain but run anyway!! Good luck!

  2. Yay, turtle! It's so great that you're putting one foot in front if the other and repeating.

  3. Have fun! I'll be running Sarasota, and I'm so undertrained. But I'll be "running" as in run/walking the whole thing. Weather should be great!

  4. I love that medal! Next year... and the beer afterwards is nice too.

  5. Enjoy the race, I'm sure the St. Patty's Day theme and running with friends will make it more fun than you think it'll be :) Good luck!

  6. You'll have a blast :) Good luck and let's just say that the funks are usually followed by the most fantastic of runs!

  7. you're going to do great!!! i love that you're always so festive for your races!

  8. Being festive definitely makes the race better. I love the medal. Super cute and well worth it. Enjoy your beer after the finish line. I know that would be enough motivation to get me moving.

  9. Woohoo hope it was awesome and fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!


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