February 28, 2013

More randomness ... due to a planet appearing to move backward?

Holy crapola. What a week. I don’t know what the deal is, but I feel like everyone has their crazy pants on (including me). Because of this, my brain is still working in bullet form.
  • I am really not an astrology person … at all. You won’t catch me asking what your sign is, so don’t worry. But, a woman I worked with totally believed in Mercury retrograde. What is it? In simple terms, I think it causes people to break out their crazy pants. More scientifically (?), it happens three to four times per year when Mercury slows down, appears to stop and move backward. What do you know? We’re in this period now. Beware of the crazy pants for a few more weeks. It ends March 17. 
  • It looks like it’s going to be a cool running weekend. Yay! Temperatures should be in the upper 40s for our Sunday morning bridge training. Cooler temperatures mean less sweat and less matted and tangled hair ... and coffee after (Who am I kidding? That happens no matter the temperature). 

  • Am I weird for not liking the Oscars? I love keeping up with celebrities, but I just can’t stomach this awards show. I feel like it’s a bunch of butt kissing, and it kind of makes me ill. I do like seeing what people wore, and I usually just check out the photos the next day. This year I made the unfortunate mistake of watching the red carpet show on ABC. Gag. That was a huge disaster and a total suck-up fest, too. When every interview ends with, “I’m rooting for you,” you know this person is just saying what the other person wants to hear. 
  • Am I weird for watching Nancy Grace? She irritates me, but I find myself watching her show. It irritates me more that I am keeping up with the Jodi Arias trial.  
  • The elevator in our condo building is being replaced. Did you know it takes four to six weeks to replace one? Yeah, me either. We are now into week five. Thanks to the jerk who told me they were ahead of schedule and got my hopes up. It’s actually not a terrible thing … except when you’re in a hurry or tired, have heavy things to carry (up seven flights of stairs) or when you forgot something in your car (like tonight).

Still going up (and down) three times per day

Do you believe in or like astrology? Do you like to run in cold temperatures? Do you like the Oscars? Did you watch the horrific red carpet show on ABC? What dress did you like best (Reese Witherspoon’s was my favorite)? Do you like Nancy Grace? Are you keeping up with the Jodi Arias trial?


  1. I used to read my astrology all the time - haven't done it in years, but sometimes i believe the whole full moon - crazies are out belief.
    I'm super excited about the cool temps this weekend. Long run on tap - comfortably!
    I've never watched the Oscars! long hair don't care.
    Nope and Nope. :) Hope you have a good rest of the week!

  2. Love the phrase "crazy pants" - and yep it does seem that way this week. My brother in law does astrology charts - I have to admit it is pretty amazing sometimes how on target he can be.

  3. I love reading astrology and I think it's pretty accurate when it comes to personality! I don't follow the daily forecast or yearly forecast ..but it's been pretty accurate about who I get along with :) (I'm a Capricorn)

  4. I find astrology interesting, which is not to say I believe in all of it. I do think I'm a pretty fair representation of an Aquarius though! I don't like awards shows either. The only one I record is the Grammys so I can watch the performances and fast forward through the rest.

    1. I love the Grammys! That is the only one I watch, too.

  5. I think astrology is fun sometimes, but I'm a total astronomy buff! I avoid the grammy's at all costs... especially when it's Walking Dead season!!!


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