October 26, 2012

Yay for costumes, Jessica and soup!

It’s been quite a week, and I’m not sure why. I just feel worn out and ready for the weekend (and my Halloween half marathon). Maybe it's because I have all of this floating around in my head:
  • I’m wearing costume #2 for a work party tomorrow and costume #3 for a race on Sunday. My work costume is a variation on the Zorro costume from last year. It’s called: I need a costume, and I want something new but I’m not motivated enough to make another one.
  • When I was at Wal-Mart tonight picking up last-minute costume pieces, I found this beautiful magazine, and I soon found it in my basket. I love Jessica Simpson, and I have a really hard time resisting any magazine with her on it. Why are people giving her crap for losing 60 pounds in 5 months? Isn’t that healthy? Poor girl will always be hassled for her weight.
  • In other Jessica Simpson news: she is coming to my city! I The day before the Women’s Half Marathon (Nov. 17), she’ll be at a mall in Tampa. I will be there. I will possibly faint. OK, it’s not that bad. But, I’m super excited. And, it possibly is that bad. 
  • My new-to-me car had a loose part on the door handle. I was scared that I would break it if I pushed it back in place, so since I was taking it to the dealer for the first oil change anyway, I figured I’d have them do it. Well, my 30-minute oil change turned into a six-day ordeal. Apparently, it requires taking off the door and is apparently way more complicated than I ever imagined. Thankfully, it won’t cost anything. Also, thankfully, I have a loaner car. But, I feel like a giant in the loaner car. It’s a hybrid hatchback, and it’s small. I’m not small. I look like I’m in a clown car. 
  • I won this awesome prize pack from this blog. I’m in love with the water bottle and soup bowl. And the soup. And the lunch bag. OK, I love it all. The Progresso Light soups rock!
  • I can’t stop watching Jersey Shore. I’m a faithful watcher since the beginning, unfortunately. Thankfully, it’s the last season. Whew! I’m actually starting to like The Situation, which is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. 
Are you ready for the weekend? Any big plans? Are you wearing a costume? Which celebrity would you most like to meet? Do you watch Jersey Shore? Probably not ... 


  1. Love the Zorro costume! Did you ever decide your costume for the Halloween half? I have a bunch of friends doing that race too.

  2. Dude if I lived in that area I would totally be at the mall with you. Love Jessica, love her! Sweet prize pack!


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